Our campaign explained in English

Our campaign explained in English

Currently the local government act of Baden-Württemberg does not require municipalities to involve people below the age of 18 if decisions are made concerning them. The law says youth can be involved in questions concerning them, but it is open to the local government what and how it wants to involve young people when decisions are made that concern them.

However the coalition partners in the state parliament have agreed to make changes to the act. Right now there are discussions how far this should be going.


Involving young people is beneficial for them and the local communities. For them because they learn about and through political participation and improves the feeling of self efficacy; for the political system because it leads to a better policy outcome and more legitimacy.

We are campaigning for the following changes:

  • It should become mandatory for municipalities to involve children and young people in decisions that concern them. Especially when the decisions concern Zoning, Institutions used mainly by children and youth, such as public pools, sports facilities, schools, school yards, green spaces, …
  • There should be special methods used for involving young people, not those that are usually used for adults.
  • The local government has to explain how it has involved children and young people.
  • Institutions of youth aid (such as groups that run youth centers, orphanages, services for youth,…) should be allowed to sue if these right of participation has not been done properly even if they are not the victims.
  • More rights and resources for existing youth participation institutions such as youth councils.
  • More money for all institutions of participation, such as the state youth ring, the state agency for political participation, the umbrellas organization of youth councils, …

If you want to sign go here (in german)


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